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Today I’m going to reveal my all-time favorite ad strategy.

In fact:

This ONE AD produced $10,054.79 from $840.66 in spend… A 1,196% ROAS!

I call it the Gratitude Ad Strategy.

Thanking Your Customers

Gratitude plays a huge role in my life.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more. As long as we show appreciation for what we already have.

Gratitude is a catalyst to get success faster.

The gratitude ad strategy is one of the most important and overlooked strategy.

It works for any kind of online business, whether it is an e-commerce store or if you are selling a digital product.

In this article, I’m showing examples using the e-commerce model.

You know how after you buy something online, all you see is thank you for buying page. And then you don’t hear from them until you get the item delivered to you.

That thank you page is very standard and every one is already doing it.

No one is running this ad. So if you do this strategy, you will really stand out.

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • Facebook pixel installed
  • Minimum 10-15 daily buyers
  • Recommended budget of $10/day maximum

It doesn’t matter where you are currently getting traffic from.

Regardless if you use Instagram, influencers, YouTube, Google Ads or Facebook ads, this strategy will work for you.

We’ll use Facebook to run the gratitude ad.


Facebook has 2.27 billion users. There is high chance that your customers are already on Facebook.

And Facebook has a lot of data. The amount of data Facebook has is scary. That is why you see Mark Zuckerberg answering in court a few times.

The idea behind the strategy

It is a simple idea.

It works like an upsell, except that we don’t ask them to buy anything directly.

Everyone keeps saying you need to have upsells. That’s because it works!

Take a look at the success of the McDonald’s “Would you like fries with that?” upselling model.

It is such an integral part of McDonald’s success that they hire mystery shoppers to check on the employees.

If he or she gets 3 strikes for missing out on upselling, they are fired.

The gratitude ad strategy is similar. We know that when people buy from us once, they’re more likely to buy from us again.

You’ve already done all the hard work to get them to buy your product and invest in your brand.

So why not put in a bit of effort to get the customers that are most likely to spend more.

I know what you are thinking… this sounds crazy, right? Spending advertising dollars to say thanks and not asking for a sale?

How do I make money from it…

Well, here’s how it works.

How does this work?

For any kind of advertising, it’s important to know 2 things:

1. What is it we want to achieve with the campaign?

The purpose of this ad is to thank people for buying from you and show your appreciation.

And instill confidence they will get their order soon.

2. Who are we targeting?

This ad is shown to people that have purchased your product.

And we show video ad to them for 3 to 4 days.

Here’s the best part: You don’t need to create complicated videos of how your product works.

You just create a simple selfie video with your cellphone that is 3 to 5 minutes long.

Here’s the outline of the video:

  • Thank them for purchasing
  • Show them the post-purchase process
  • Share with them the story of your brand
  • Ask them to leave a comment.

Thank them for purchasing

The usual thank you page isn’t enough. Everyone is doing it and you are expected to have one.

When your buyers see your gratitude ad, they will be thinking:

“Wow, they spent advertising money to thank me and they are not trying to sell me anything.”

This make your customers feel special.

Show the post-purchase process

Showing the post-purchase process gives them peace of mind.

Share on the video how the products are carefully packed and shipped to make sure they get delivered on time and in good condition.

If you put in a handwritten note, show how it is prepared.

Share your story

Also, share with them the story of your brand. Help them to understand what is it that their hard earned money is supporting.

This is the start of a relationship.

Now they really get to know you. It’s no longer just a monetary transaction where you buy this and I’ll give you what you bought.

Asking for a comment

This is the critical part because this is where you are going to get revenue. You need to ask them to engage by leaving a comment.

And we are going to send them a “Special Gift” via messenger.

How does this make me money?

Using messenger, we can automate this and send every single people that comment with a special discount code that is good for 4-7 days. Or a special offer for a complementary item.

On the surface, they don’t see that we are selling anything on the ad. In messenger, we send them a “customer only” irresistible offer.

This is the first way you make money from this.

Now, here’s the second way:

When you execute on this idea and run this ad, you will see that your customers will tag their friends on that video.

Using Facebook’s amazing targeting powers, create an audience of people that have seen the video but have not purchased anything from you yet.

This group of people are really hot prospects that you can easily convert them to customers.

They already know you and understand your brand and their friend recommended you.


Start spending a little ad budget simply thanking your customers.

I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s true.

This can go a long way in building loyalty and increasing repeat sales, which is the customer’s way of saying thanks to your business.

So, are you going to start spending a little money saying “thank you” to your customers now?

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